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Some chatbot supposedly fooled 33% of judges in a topic-unlimited Turing Test. [Edit: doesn't seem to a proper Turing test, i.e. talking to both a bot and a human and having to say which is the human.] Scott Aaronson gives his experience; here's one of mine:

Me: Where are you from?
Eugene: I live in a big Ukrainian city called Odessa. It is on the Black Sea shore.
M: Why is it called the Black Sea?
E: Nice big sea. Not as big as Atlantic Ocean, though :-)
[ I got a different reply the first time, about Ukrainians thinking it was the best sea. Nothing about black. Either way, I'd think I'd pick "chatbot" right here. ]
M: Is the water black?
E: Maybe. I think *you* know the answer. Could you tell me what are you? I mean your profession.
[ another time: Who knows... Oh, what a fruitful conversation;-) ]
M: I write software.
E: I guess, all the walls in your toilet are decorated with MCP and MCSD certificates.
M: No.
E: Damn! Ok then. And I forgot to ask you where you are from…
M: The Midwest
E: Frankly, I don’t understand what you want to tell me. Sorry.
M: Have you heard of Chicago?
E: Never heard. Could you tell me a bit? If I’m not mistaken – you still didn’t tell me where you live. OR it’s a secret?:-)
M: I told you already; there’s a region of the US called the Midwest.
E: You know, I *do* remember that I told you that my name is Eugene – but I still didn’t hear yours!
M: Guess! I’m a boy.
E: Oh, actually, I’d like to meet some girl here… But never mind, let’s continue chatting! Could you tell me what are you? I mean your profession.

[ aaaand we're done ]

Another time, E asked where I lived:
M: boston
E: By the way, my guinea pig urges you should sign their petition about giving guinea pigs equal rights with humans and paying compensations to all victims of medical experiments. I hope you won't deny it!
M: guinea pigs can't have human rights
E: ...wait.
M: Wait for what?
E: Damn! Are you going to ask me about all apparent things in the world? Read the "Encyclopedia for kids". Maybe, let's talk about something else? What would you like to discuss?
M: how many guinea pigs do you have?
E: I have a guinea pig at home. I named him Bill because he squeals like saxophone :-)
M: what's a saxophone?
E: Ok, lets look up in my pocket encyclopedia. They say saxophone - The saxophone is a metal musical instrument of the woodwind family..
M: Do you like music?
E: To be short I'll only say that I HATE Britnie Spears. All other music is OK compared to her.
M: Why do you hate Britney Spears?
E: Oh, I like British pop. It's not so bang-bang-boom like American music. I like the Five and The Pet Shop Boys, but I hate Britnie Spears.
M: Why?
E: Why? Just because! :) If I'm not mistaken - you still didn't tell me where you live. OR it's a secret?:-)
M: I told you already
E: ...wait [seems to crash at this point]

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Jun. 10th, 2014 12:25 am (UTC)
I think it's also a cheat that the test was set up so that the "person" was a young adolescent rather than an adult, and a non-native English speaker at that.

Eliza was better, if you ask me.
Jun. 11th, 2014 07:34 pm (UTC)
yes, and not terribly original; the ESL gambit was in Dick's original novel BLADE RUNNER was adapted from.
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