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Guardians of the Galaxy

I saw this with friends last night. In 3D! My first 3D movie ever, I think. Certainly with the new type of glasses, though I have a vague memory of the old paper blue and red ones.

Short verdict: fun, funny, actiony, not very deep. Some spoiler comments below.

Trailers: something so dumb I won't name it; "Annie" which seems a modernized and race-flipped Lil Orphan Annie; "Secret of the Tomb" which seemed potentially amusing, and something I correctly identified as "Into the Woods" before it became undeniable. Coming out on Christmas. I'm torn between fear of the medium change and, well, I've seen 3 different performances of the musical, and listen to the soundtrack a lot, I'll probably go see it. When I say I like musicals, that largely means I like Into the Woods. Won't be seeing it on opening day, not if I'm in Chile again, though...

Spoilers for Guardians

Peter seemed to know a lot of Earth culture for his age at abduction. Including Jackson Pollack.

"Nova Corps" made me think of a security corporation at first, but I later reparsed it more like Marine Corps. Xandar seems a straight Lawful Good planet, apart from their malign neglect prisons. Amusing that Peter trusted them with the cosmic artifact -- to not abuse it, and to hold it safe.

Seemed odd that Drax would call Gamora a whore. Others noted that the prisoners had been yelling it at Gamora, so he could pick it up there. Still seems an awkward choice. Also, not sure the movie passed the Bechdel test. Barely, maybe. Prison wasn't gender segregated, but I didn't notice any other females.

Male rape reference, allegedly: "I'm going to lather you up" to Quill, before Groot intervenes.

Yandu's weapon: so that's what a Culture knife missile looks like in action!

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