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From the last post, the Chicken Council's table has Americans eating about 15 pounds of seafood a year. How do I compare to that? At first I thought I'd blow it away, but on further thought, I don't think so. It's hard to really tell, since I usually buy it intermittently, but let's see: 15 pounds is 60 4 oz servings, enough for one every six days. Or an 8 oz serving every 12 days. Does that match my life?

Not as a regular thing, no; that is, if you picked a random week, I think it would likely to have had no seafood. OTOH, when I do, it's often in bigger chunks: eating 8-12 oz of home cooked salmon, pigging out dim sum (I'll guess 50% shrimp), or going on a sushi binge. I suspect if you picked a random two week period it would still more likely than not have seafood, but the ones that do might make up for that. So 15 pounds might be about right. Probably not more.

Mind you, the table number is the mean consumption. I suspect many Americans eat almost no seafood, while others have it more regularly; I might well beat the median seafood consumption.

Some source I didn't keep had shrimp as the biggest US component; I wondered if a lot of that was "surf and turf" shrimp and steak, which always seemed weird to me.

Of course, habits change. For a while I was eating canned tuna somewhat regularly, as a cheap seafood/protein source. Then canned salmon, for more fats and flavor. (Mostly straight from the can, almost as a nutritional supplement; I've never had good ideas for combining them with other foods. Yes, I know tuna salad is a thing, I grew up with it occasionally.) But more recently I'd buy salmon fillets rarely, and most often have dim sum or sushi.

And then, a few weeks ago, I decided to tackle Mediterranean/Japanese diet by brute force, and almost all the meat I've bought since then has been seafood. Mussels, frozen salmon and tuna, canned salmon and small ocean fish and clams, frozen cooked mussels (it's okay, I doubt I'll repeat that one), plus going out for sushi a lot, or having spicy seafood udon at D&D last night. If I keep it up, I'd probably eating 135 lbs of seafood a year. Pbbt!

I hope that this annoying cold/sore throat that cropped up at the same time is entirely coincidental. I mean, has to be, right?

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Oct. 24th, 2015 05:24 am (UTC)
I think I eat less than 5 pounds of seafood a year, including shrimp, now. I used to eat tuna salad & tuna casserole (mushroom soup, cheddar, etc.) much more often.
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