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languages and first class functions

I've started learning Scala. Don't know how far I'll get unless someone's willing to hire me to learn it (not impossible, I see a few jobs saying just that.) So far it at least seems like a nice blend of functional programming (ML type inference branch) and practical utility (JVM base, willingness to let you get dirty and imperative.) Though I'm also getting whiffs of C++ complexity... possibly unavoidable if going for that amount of flexibility in both coding style and performance.

It reminded me that I have trouble respecting a language that doesn't have first class functions, which got me wondering about the languages I know well.

C: no.

C++: no, directly, though you can make function objects with classes and operator(). Bit verbose, though. C++11 made improvements.

Java: I don't know, actually. Searching... looks like not really, though Java 8 made improvements.

Perl: Wikipedia says yes, though you hand around references to subroutines, and I found recently that nested functions aren't actually bound to their scope: function 1 defined in function 2 is still callable outside function 2. Wikipedia does say that nested named functions are in Perl 6, vs. the Perl 5 that AFAIK everyone still uses, if they use Perl at all.

Python: pretty much... but as Robbie and I found recently, Python doesn't do proper lexical scoping. And WP says it doesn't really do anonymous nested functions; Guido seems to have a reluctance to embrace FP. (Also see reduce being exiled to a functools library, not that Perl is better, to my surprise.)

So, wow, none of them.

Ruby I know basically nothing of, but WP says no. JavaScript I don't know enough of, though WP says yes. It also says mostly yes for Rust and Go. I'm sad D isn't on the table.

[Feb 2017 edit: JavaScript has better lambdas than Python, but has the same weird scoping problem.]

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