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"We're against smallpox and Nazis"

I wonder if James has seen much of White Wolf games. It's a setting where "nightmarish future of peace and prosperity" isn't meant ironically.

Probably I'm too tired to be writing this but what the hell. Here at IU there's been a huge (50 player) Changeling LARP (live action role playing game). I was in it a while back but didn't stick around, though I played in a couple of special games. But now it's the End of the World and they're in special widescreen mode and open to non-Changelings and tons of my fellow gamers joined it so I did to. As a Technocrat! I'd been wandering my own path toward being a friendly Technocrat, then talked to the head Storyteller and was told they were having one of the STs lead a faction of Void Engineers away from the Technocracy to help Save The World, and did I want to be a part of that? Did I want to basically play my concept while being mentored by an actual assistant ST? Hell yeah.

So we played today, second widescreen game, first I was in. I was present for the Interlude scene last week where a bunch of fae and mages and other freaks went to check up on the Anchor of Reality, and found a bunch of Void Engineers already there, taking measurements. That led to friendly relations ("hey, these Technocrats aren't trying to kill us") and an invitation to join the various fae (returned from Arcadia at probably risk of their own lives, to help Save The World) and mages, and so we entered today, with me playing a theorist who's still trying to explain all the reality deviants in a grand framework and thus is less likely that most Technocrats to blurt out "you shouldn't exist!" to the people we meet; I'll be the faction liason once our leader moves on to other roles.

So it was lots of fun, me in my tweedy professorial jacket recycled from the Nigel Rogers costume, mostly following my leader around and throwing in comments and observing (and creating) what we're actually about, or sometimes going off to talk to others, arguing with science-oriented fae about the nature of reality and desirable eschatology (some nuts want to reboot the universe), and arguing alongside my leader to clear the Technocracy's name. Sure, there's some crime and corruption now, but the ideals were good, as was much of the execution over the last 600 years. Smallpox? Gone. Infant mortality? Down. Stuff like that.

Which led to the subject line. People kept asking what we were for, or whether we favored stasis, and we'd argue that we were for stability and safety and billions of people existing without fear and having the freedom to explore their potential and how setting the clock back 600 years to when things were good for the fae was kind of alarming to us, and how limiting some possibilities is a good thing, like the possibility your blood will spontaneously turn into cold iron, or that you'll get smallpox, and somehow that line got cobbled together, and my leader really liked it. My second contribution to the faction; I already named our flagship, but I won't say what it is in case he wants to reveal it for dramatic effect.

Independent of anything we've done, a tentacled sea monster aka a Green Fomorian is attacking the North Pole craftshop of the Dougal Sidhe (or is he a nocker?) Lord Nicholas. Or as we Void Engineers put it to each other, Cthulhu is attacking Santa Claus. I think our characters still haven't stopped snickering.

Costumes rocked, as usual, especially Empress Talynthia and Princess Alana and Commander Graves (nothing like seeing German iron crosses on latex to freak out the visiting Technocrats).

We got through the whole game without any hint that there was a Changer Council, and given what I heard out of character afterwards, that's just as well for smooth gameplay, because they eat babies and we're kind of against that.

Now to wait and see whether the controlled delivery of the first asteroid of "meteoritic iron" to Ireland suffices to arm the opponents of the Red Fomori, or if we get to hit the Maw with the second asteroid, as I suggested for a backup plan. Come to think of it, my first reaction to Vampire was "rocket launcher" and that was years before Buffy came out. Something about World of Darkness makes me want to blow up most of the PCs.



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