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life stuff

I might have good news finally, but I feel reticent until things solidify more.

All the manga I follow feels in slow hiatus, with a couple exceptions. I got to read two Citrus chapters at once, by dint of discovering a new translation group that's a head of my earlier source; of course, Citrus itself seems in a slow burn of dancing around the putative relationship. And Mousou Telepathy is an odd thing that comes out with two pages every day, or maybe the translators do, kind of like a webcomic with a weird origin.

I've read six Dresden Files novels. I wouldn't call them deep, but they're fun. Necromancy + dinosaur skeleton went exactly where I thought it would.

I've been doing lots of RPG theory reading, specifically most of The Alexandrian. Kind of makes me want to run an old-fashioned dungeoncrawl (or a new-fashioned reconstructed one, where the 'dungeon' is justified as some high-magic weirdness like a Madoka Witch). Beyond the "prep situations not plots" that's like the Lazy GM advice I've seen elsewhere, he's got interesting ideas about game structure, and how dungeoncrawls have natural structure to keep the players moving. (Check room, deal, check next room; seek treasure), as well as how to make interesting dungeons.

I was talking with a friend about how kids make amazing amounts of noise for their weight, by stomping around; he opined that parents wouldn't want to train their kids to be stealthy, since noise is how you can keep track of them. Another parent disagreed, he'd like his to be quieter. I just know that it took S's kids years to figure out how I was so quiet and surprising in our chase games, if they even have, yet. (I think G2 has, she's crossing the threshold into adult models of causality and manipulation, like spotting how I distract the younger kids when they're being pains, and thanking me for it.)

Weather here has been freaky warm, as high as 24 C. Boston. February. Well, the snow went away fast! Oh yeah, being buried in snow seems to have been really bad for my bike, the right brake doesn't work well and the left brake squeaks. I'd thought I might ride it to filking last night, but aborted after a few blocks and took the T.

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Feb. 26th, 2017 09:44 pm (UTC)
I have loved the labryinth in the movie of the same name, constantly changing and moving. That would make for a very interesting dungeon form.
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