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So, I'm used to three sizes of towel in a bathroom. Big body bath towel used for drying your body; much smaller rectangular hand towel that hangs somewhere to dry your hands on after washing your hands; square (6x6 inch?) washcloth for use in the shower. In a pinch, you can use a hanging body towel as the hand towel.

I don't think this is exotic, you find the set in any hotel room.

But the place in Orient Heights just gave me a hand towel at first. Which you can use to dry your body, but, uh. They coughed up the other two when I asked.

Place in JP gave me a body towel and a hand towel, which I used as a washcloth. My host said that was unusual, she thought people just used their hands these days, or poufs, which are a strange and alien thing to me. (Orient Heights did have two of them.)

Incidentally, I saw poufs for sale in CVS, with a sign urging you to replace them every month. So, less convenient IMO *and* cost more money.

Finally, the current place left me a bath towel and a hand towel; I gave in and bought a couple (came as a pair) of washcloths.

Modern world, end of times, youth these days, etc.

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May. 18th, 2017 10:27 pm (UTC)
In ancient times (1960s), when I used to get sent to conferences, the respectable hotels would give you stacks of bath towels & hand towels, but only one washcloth. The first time you used it, it was taken away & not replaced, and you used one of the hand towels from then on.

There may be a class angle to all this. In _The Porkchoppers_ (1972) by Ross Thomas, he provides a number of curious working-class arcana for the amusement of his bourgeois readers, including this: "...Sammy Hanks held the end of a bath towel under the cold water tap and wondered why it was that most hotels never supplied any goddamned facecloths or washcloths or whatever you called them. We called them wash rags when I was a kid, he thought, and that should tell anyone all they'd ever need to know about me."
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