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TJ pepper and other food notes

Trader Joe's sells a cheap plastic grinder, full of black pepper, for I think $2 or so. I actually like it a lot. It gives a coarse grind with a lot of flavor; it seems to do better on the same batch of pepper than another grinder I had did. I left my old one when I started going nomadic, but after a month and a half I decided to travel with my own and bought another. It's even stronger than I remember, making me wonder if they also use better pepper than the refills I'd gotten from Harvest Co-op or Penzey's. Since I am traveling, this time I kept the cap, to reduce leakage in my luggage; possibly that also reduces oxidation as well.

Being clear plastic you can see how much you use. I bought this one on Oct 13 and I'm already halfway through. I knew I used a lot but this seems faster than I recall.


In the previous Montreal post I'd snarked about milk types. As recorded in the comments, I since learned that 3.25% is the minimum limit for "whole" milk in the US (though some say 3.5); also, "whole" homogenized milk is probably skim milk with the right amount of cream added back in. UK whole milk is apparently at least 3.6% fat.

I'd always thought of whole as 4%. I am tempted to get cream or half-and-half to add to milk...


A Quebec convenience store has packaged croissants. It doesn't necessarily have good croissants; I saw various oils and no butter in the list.


I prefer good oranges (sweet and juicy) to grapefruit (bittersweet and juicy) to bad oranges (unsweet and/or dry). Thing is, grapefruit seems much more consistent in quality, especially compared to navel oranges, but even to clementines or juice oranges. That or because I buy grapefruit individually, I'm better at weighing them in my hand to make sure they're heavy and juicy... It came up because I didn't trust the oranges in the store, so I have grapefruit again.

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