Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

rarebit cheese

When I was a lad, one meal my parents made occasionally was Welsh rarebit, or 'rabbit', which I loved. Cheddar cheese melted with beer and mustard, poured over bread. I felt there was never enough cheese, nor had often enough.

As an adult, I haven't chased it too hard, and I never have beer in the house, though I have tried melted cheddar + mustard a few times. Still, I do like the flavor. Some years ago Trader Joe's had a month's special cheese that was "English ale cheddar with mustard", or so I have recorded in my diary. It tasted like rarebit. Alas it never re-appeared.

But I was shopping at Roche Bros last week, and found a cheese like it... or possibly the actual cheese, given how TJ rebrands things. Kilchurn Estate mustard & ale cheddar cheese. Tastes like I remember. No surviving price tag, so I can't tell you what it cost, but I'm charmed to know that I can have it again and again.

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