Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Osaka: June 7

Was tired and it was raining, so I stayed in much of the day. Finally left before 5 to go meet W. I crossed the main street north of me, into yet more covered shopping gallery, and a young guy from Toronto asked me to take his photo. We chatted a bit, intertourist socializing. I forgot to mention last night, a young Asian woman asking me for directions as I returned from the supermarket. I think I was able to help orient her on her map, based on recognizing the market I'd just been at.

Anyway, after Toronto guy I crossed Tennouji park. I'm right by a zoo and a museum, though the zoo is said to be rather sad in animal treatment and the museum is mostly about its special exhibitions. The park itself looked nice, and had some interesting shops in it. Also a bathroom which I sought out because I'd shaken hands with the Canadian and I'm paranoid about germ contro, but while there was a sink there was no soap or drying facility. >_>

W had told me to meet at the JR Central Gate exit of Tennouji station; by sheer chance I wandered downstairs and followed JR signs until I found it. I'd expected a surface exit.

W has long dark hair and is apparently 5'2", despite my memories of her being taller, so blends into Japanese crowds pretty well.

She took me to a soba place, which was decent, though the English menu had errors, translating the duck soba as having chicken and vice versa. Then ice cream, including a milk flavor. We passed a food store where I found the most literal egg sandwich for sale: tamago omelettes (a la tamago sushi) between pieces of bread. I got some, it was tasty. But funny.

All this was taking place in MIO Plaza, a big multi-level mall. My orientation was shot to hell.

Walking home along the south side of the park, I passed trees full of a flock of white birds. My guess was cranes but I'm not sure.

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