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movies: Frozen, Clueless, Moana

Eleven hour flights are really long. And the cabin was dark, making book reading hard. United's entertainment system turned out to have things I wanted to re-watch: Frozen, Clueless, and Moana. Plus a couple episodes of Game of Thrones (actually all of season 7, I think, but I saw most of two eps.)

I'd never re-watched Frozen or Moana, or seen Clueless for many years; all held up well. (Clueless is on the very very short list of movies I bought to own.)

Frozen: there's been debate over Hans's face-heel turn, and why he didn't kill Elsa earlier if he was being a villain who'd planned to kill her later. One idea is that he didn't know if killing her would end the winter; another is that he wanted to keep her handy until he recovered Anna. Personally I thought that his plan was plausibly to pretend to be a good guy, as much as possible. Yeah, he didn't love Anna, but doing all the 'right' things is pretty practical. Including keeping the queen alive. Only when Anna presented him with a challenge he couldn't live up to -- a magical kiss of true love -- did he get derailed.

Why not kill *Anna*? Worry about later investigation, perhaps. Better if she freezes than someone later ask why she looks smothered. It's not a great plan, but at that point I'm not sure there were any great plans possible.

Clueless: still awesomely fun, and cute. I like how Cher is ditzy but kind of lazily (and socially) smart, not emptyheaded; her Valley girl debates are surprisingly deep in essence, especially the immigration one. There's popular girl sniping but not deathly so, on either side. Her dad's a rich attack lawyer but "we divorce wives, not children" is a nice sentiment. I hadn't noticed before (thanks Tropes) that Cher, Dionne, and Elton are all singer first names, the first two providing cover for Elton which comes from Emma.

I was greatly amused to realize that the climax is basically a college student with his own apartment French kissing his 16 year old (ex-)stepsister. With her father's implicit approval (there's a very telling grin earlier). And I would bet against their waiting all that long for sex, so post-movie statutory rape (in California, with 18 age of consent), too. I don't see anything wrong, but dang.

Less amused to notice nothing really happens to Elton for assaulting Cher and then leaving her stranded.

There were some subtle production touches. Tropes mentioned musical ones I wouldn't get, but when Tai meets Travis "skater pothead" Birkenstock, they're both wearing plaids.

The ending credits were way shorter than those of the other two.

Moana: nothing much to say, just fun. Both it and Frozen started with mouth music, and had alternate versions of their songs playing during the credits.

On the TV front: I've followed GoT secondhand, so get plot gist but miss details. I was surprised to learn that people actually did talk about the Frey death somewhat: soldiers going up to keep the peace, Jaime going "whoever killed House Frey has no love for us".

I also sampled Gilmore Girls A Year In the Life, but it seemed to be some post-series sequel, and I stopped after a bit.

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