Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Osaka: June 8

Walked down my shopping street, found a Chinese place with made to order dim sum, had some. 1350 yen for 16 dumplings, not bad. Including soup dumplings. The ha gow were teeny, though.

W told me she lives in fear of bicyclists. I'm quickly getting there; lots of them on the sidewalk or mixed-use streets. It's a really good idea to look back before shifting your walk left or right. I even contributed to an accident: I saw a biker coming, tried to get in line with a standing man to get out of the way, he moved back to get out of *my* way and thus went into the biker's path. Bam! No injury, but geez.

Had a quiet afternoon staying close to my toilet. Noticed that I have karaoke places on both sides. At least they shut up by 11pm.

There's a big E-W street just north of me. W tells me that since addresses are based on zomming-in area and block number, no one pays attention to street names. Anyway, I went walking west along it. I'd asked W about CVS equivalents; seems either 100 yen stores or conbini (convenience store) like 7/11, Family Mart, or Lawson's for any non-drug stuff. Found a Lawson, which seemed more bilingual in its product labels. Passed some hotels with private rooms (but shared bathroom) of 1600-2400 yen a night, though I think from online these are tiny (slightly wider than a twin mattress, say.)

Eventually found myself in car country: no nearby station, few pedestrians, gas stations and car lots. Turned back and took the JR Loop line to Osaka station, and walked around for a while in a busy place there.

A girl on the train had what I can only describe as face-framing hair whiskers. I've seen that on anime, not live before. There's probably some proper name for them.

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