Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Osaka: June 12

Quiet day, still catching up on sleep. Did some shinkansen and other travel research. Re-reading Gunnerkrigg or Schlock Mercenary, or reading Squirrel Girl and Batman fanfics. Went for a walk, discovered a nearby red light district, girls in booths like the Amsterdam street of windows.

Belka is Russian for 'squirrel'.

W came over for a co-working session in the evening, then we went out for dinner, at a sort of Indian restaurant. Actually a real mix: Japanese food, Indian (tandooring chicken, naan), Chinese (soup dumplings, chow mein), Thai (things I hadn't heard of.) It was decent, not the best place for soup dumplings.

She noticed that my street had mosaics of animal heads in it: goat, bear, elephant, bunny, pig... I'll post photos later.

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Tags: japan, osaka, travel
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