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Osaka: June 14: new home

Found a Hainanese chicken and rice place, tried it. Couldn't read much of the menu but it had pictures, so I pointed at something that looked tasty, and it was. Better luck than yesterday's teishoku (which I forgot to mention) which came with some gross vegetables (though good fried chicken.) The menu also had some bizarre manga in the back (or maybe the front? Have I been reading menus in the wrong order? Must pay attention.)

My previous place was right on a shopping street, practically in a mall. This area is quieter. I have to walk seven whole minutes to get to a supermarket. Tragedy!

(Actually it might not be that long, might not even be further than the old one. But I've gone from "go down the street" to "follow twisty path" so it feels more taxing.)

Tomorrow predicts a storm, like wind gusts of 75 kph, so I was stocking up on food. Three weeks in one place also means I can do things like buy groceries such as olive oil without feeling like a chump... and yes, they have alleged olive oil here. I got some basic pasta ingredients, though realized later I don't think I have a sieve. Oops.

Went back out to explore my nearby train station area, and stared at the JR map for a while. I learned something! The shinkansen doesn't stop at Osaka station, big and busy though it is, but at Shin-Osaka. Which Google says is a 50 minute walk from Osaka -- or a 4 minute train ride. I croggle at both numbers. For Kobe and Shin-Kobe, it's 50 and 13. Now I wonder if the Shin means "new" as I thought, or "shinkansen stops here". Or, likely, they had to build a new station to accommodate the needs of the bullet train. Wiki says the 'shin' in shinkansen does mean new, or at least the whole word means "new trunkline".

While I was there, I saw a woman in clothing whose color and drape made me think "yukata" but whose material made me think "ankle-length sweater dress". I did not stare enough to resolve the matter.

I found a store apparently specializing in beauty and cleaning goods; at any rate, I got to buy paper towels there, so I am no longer drying my hands with fucking kleenex. While I was there, the blaring radio or PA system or whatever started up with a version of the Battle-Hymn of the Republic, in high pitched anime girl voice. I don't know what it was saying, but imagined "My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the sale / These discounts will turn your shopping into an epic tale".

I got more snacky food at Lawson, and milk because I can read their carton and not accidentally get skim or 0.5% milk. They also had drinkable yogurt! I got it, anticipating something like ayran or kefir. I got something sweet with no fat and 28 grams sugar instead of 9 (or so I guess based on comparative nutrition labels). :(

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