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Damien Sullivan

Osaka: June 20, local exploration

I accidentally bought cooked duck at the supermarket. I regret nothing. $3 for I couldn't find a weight, but a decent amount.

Saw my first bike helmet here today -- two of them! One on the only road bike I've seen in two weeks, one on a toddler.

Some bikers brave the multi-lane road, but most stick to the sidewalks.

As mentioned, Japan's tallest building, Abeno Harukas 300 (for 300 meters) is near me. There's an observatory on top for 1500 yen, plus more if you want to go outside and even more if you want to walk the edge on a lifeline. The 16th floor is free though and has a decent view in a couple of angles, and has a small outdoor parklet too. With solid windows, so it wasn't breezy. The 16th floor also has a museum, currently featuring Winnie the Pooh. It's another 1500 yen or so, so I didn't go in.

W oriented me to all the malls around the Tennouji intersection, so I've been exploring them somewhat. Mostly an anime store and some of the restaurants and cafes. I found a bread store.

I extended my stay to my departure date. I'll live in the same place for seven whole weeks, :gasp: unless I take any side trips. Actually I've thought of trying some of the cheaper (less than $30) hotels around here for research, but if so it'll be an experiment with a safe place to retreat to if they're icky or noisy.

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