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car deaths per km

This is worth calling out from the previous post: look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate and sort by the various columns. In particular the third one, road deaths per billion vehicle-km. US is 7.3, Japan is 6.4, not hugely better. Most rich countries are better, down to 3.4 (UK) or Norway (3.0) Many rich countries are least 1/3 better than the US (5.1 or lower).

So when we talk about the 40,000 car crash deaths a year in the US, and how preventable they are, there are two dimensions: reducing the amount driven, by increasing density and mass transit and bikeability, and improving the safety of cars as they are driven, by I don't know what means exactly but roads can clearly have only 40% the death rate of US ones.

Between the two, well, Canada and Australia (large car-loving countries like the US) have less than half the road deaths per capita of the US, so 20,000 American deaths/year are easily preventable. Looking at the UK or Nordic countries, 30,000 deaths/year are preventable.

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