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Dew points of 24+ C have inhibited outdoor exploration. W had thought we could take day trips during the week off but ducked out given the weather. Which included a tropical storm, though the impact here was just a lot of rain Thursday night. Mostly I've read reading, cooking, watching anime with W.

Reading included Judea Pearl's The Book of Why, which was very neat. With the right causal model, correlation *is* causation. More some other time. I started reading an uberlong fanfic, Dungeon Keeper Ami, which was pretty entertaining. W and I finished the Yona anime, she started reading the manga, I started re-reading it, then reading Golden Kamuy. Read articles on psychopathy and online game monetization.

Oh right! W and I finally went out to yakiniku a few nights ago. I'd been shy of trying it myself without a translator, though afterwards she didn't seem so necessary. It's a bit like hot pot but for grilling: you order portions of meat and cook them to your taste on a small table grill. We had "assorted beef" which was decent, then a cheaper tray of outside skirt, which nearly melted in our mouths. Also "garlic" which turned out to be whole cloves, in a small tray of some liquid, which boils on top of the grill. When the garlic finally turns golden-brown you can eat it, maybe with salt and some other sauce. Eating it felt a lot like eating mildly pungent potatoes, which surprised me; I've had oven roasted garlic which became spreadable like butter.

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