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day of meh exploration

I headed out toward Kobe! But Google Maps said there were technical problems. JR Loop line was very crowded for mid day. At Osaka station, JR Kobe was apparently *stopped* due to heavy rains (from last night?) There's another Kobe line, but I decided to go explore the area instead, Osaka and Umeda stations.

It wasn't that exciting. Very tall mall and office buildings. Some weird tech gallery. A nice little plaza of water and plant features. I'm pretty sure there's excitement somewhere in Umeda, but I missed it, going north and east from the station. I did find the first curbside parking I've seen in 11 weeks. 300 yen, one hour limit.

Decided to ride Midosuji to its north end. Going over a big river south of Nishinakajima, I noticed the river banks being wide and green, with no buildings, and then a tall and thick berm. Maps says "river park" but I suspect it's also floodplain management.

End of line is Senri-chuo. Going north, I found wide roads and boring residences: pure residential (no businesses for like 5+ minutes, vs. around every corner where I'm staying), meh density (five story apartment buildings but widely separated.)

I noticed that gasoline is 140 yen/liter, so like $5/gallon.

I was going to ride Midosuji back a stop or two to explore those areas, but found that Senri-chuo also has the Osaka Monorail. Monorails are elevated. Sunset was in less than an hour, I decided to ride it and see things. And got a great view of a 10 lane highway (3+2, each way). Also lots of buildings, but nothing super scenic. At least I tried!

Got off at Dainichi to transfer to the Tanibachi back home. The platform had fences lining it, but no gates blocking the train doors. So it's not really an anti-suicide measure; maybe just a safety measure when crowds are lining the platform?

Steps to the subway also had ramps for walking your bike up or down. To make sure you don't ride your bike down, there are thick heavy (I checked) barrels at the bottom.

On the way to groceries, I noticed a beer vending machine. I've seen cigarette ones. The web tells me those actually need a special age card to keep kids out, but that the beer ones don't.

Japan is famous for weird vending machines but the only ones I've seen in Osaka are drinks (water, teas, coffee, sports drinks), cigarettes, and now beer.

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