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Brisbane Sep 5-6

Dates here are European order, dd/mm/yy. This confused me when I was checking my phone balance, getting upset that the expiry date was 09/10/19 -- but that's October 9th, not September 10th!

Brisbane has some really nice parks. I mentioned the Botanical Gardens already. Last night I went exploring around South Bank, and found Aquavity, a bunch of water features: swimming pool, fountains, things to dump water on you randomly, all free and open even at night (though no lifeguard at night.) I guess Boston Common has a pool, which I've probably never seen at night, but this was better. Various lights and plantings, and lots of people using it.

There were what I thought of as baobabs, though the descendant trunks were many and thin so I'm not sure, and some tree mammal that was neither squirrel nor primate.

I'm at some park near me right now, at 22:42 local time, with teens or young men playing basketball, and some group/family of immigrants (women wearing shawls style) behind me. And a great tree draped with Christmas lights.

My local commercial cluster is somewhat diverse but small and mostly closes by 9pm, apart from a bar, a burger place at 10, and a bubble tea cafe to 1am.

One city bus stop has multiple lines, each running every 15 minutes or so. Another was less frequent, and not running at all on weekends.

I've run into two shopping areas that rely on public bathrooms. Which are clean.

It was fairly hot today, 32 C, and I fear for my bedroom. My hosts are Vietnamese and I think disinclined to run the A/C unless it gets truly torrid. The various businesses and campus buildings weren't particularly cool, sort of mild A/C I guess.

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