Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Brisbane Sep 21

Went down to see E&A again. I thought I would buy lunch at or near Park Road Station, where I was catching a train. Ha ha no! There is nothing there but houses and a hospital. Google showed nothing closer than 7 minute walk. Not even a vending machine.

E had some similes for Australian cities.
Melbourne: NYC or Cambridge, intellectual, well-dressed.
Sydney: LA, superficial and casual, rapidly improved transit.
Hobart: cute compact coastal English town.
Brisbane: generic medium-sized city.

Yay? I have to say, apart from the King George/Albert area, walking around does not give me joy.

Though the parks here are still neat, and the modern Botanic Gardens sound great; I would have checked them out today but had some health stuff to attend to.

I'd complained about my 'wholemeal' pasta having a disgusting gritty texture; E thinks Australia skips a processing step that US whole wheat products do.

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