Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Brisbane Riverfire

There's been some culture festival going on in Brisbane for the past few weeks, which I've completely ignored, except for the un-ignorable plane flybys. And the fireworks tonight. I turned out to be staying a ten minute walk from a point where I could look down into a launch barge. Was I incredibly lucky? No: there were multiple launch points up and down the river and around bends; I counted at least 7 from where I was, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were more out of sight. Synchronized, so you weren't missing anything.

Also decently synchronized with the music, with fireworks pulses in time with musical beats. That's the first time I observed such a thing... maybe the first time I was in a position to do so; I don't associate music with *during* a fireworks show (vs. the Boston Pops going for a couple hours *before* the 4th of July show.)

Fireworks features: no hearts or smiley faces, but things like glowing Christmas tree n (balls of fire) that split into more balls... I dunno, they looked bigger and more 'real' than your usual spark of light. Fans (like hand fans or peacock tails) of fire drifting sideways.

Music was pretty eclectic; I noticed the Simpsons opening, an Indiana Jones theme, 500 Miles (abridged), Love Shack (I think also abridged), and a familiar classical tune -- Ode To Joy, if my memory didn't go awry -- for finale.

Duration was 20 minutes, like the 20-30 I'm used to in the US and Chile, and vs. the 80+ minutes of Japan...

I can't really do justice to it in words, but it was an awesome show. Good visuals, I appreciated the synchrony, great view, and easy access (I walked up a few minutes before it started and found a good spot -- there were a lot of people, but not crushing crowds.) Only thing better would have been having a friend with me.

Someone's finale video: https://www.reddit.com/r/brisbane/comments/dae1qo/finale_to_riverfire/

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