Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Brisbane through Oct 9

* Australians really do say "no worries" often.

* Australians continue to be very good about not jaywalking, even when a crosswalk is safe and has been keeping them waiting for 90 seconds.

* I've seen lots of middle schoolers taking the bus, but today I saw my first elementary kids, three little kids nowhere near their growth spurt.

* Saturday I walked across the Story Bridge into Fortitude Valley. Not that long. Though it's not like you just get on a pleasant bridge, you get on the sidewalk of a very busy car bridge. First time I climbed a long spiral staircase, but coming back I walked down a long gentle slope.

* Sunday I finally took the free CityHopper ferry. Crowded and hot and smells of exhaust. Prefer CityCat.

* Yesterday I visited E&A again. Almost took the cross-river ferry, which is most frequent -- 12 or 18 minutes -- but a Hopper showed up first. E was sort of south of Brisbane, so I went down to meet him. Express bus and train were the same speed, and bus was more frequent, but I forgot that buses here don't announce their stops, so I had to be on tenterhooks, made worse by E changing where I should get off.

* New place today. Big and nice, though central AC and I suspect I'm more indulgent than my host is. Airbnb should try to tell us what kind of AC places have... I hinted that a fan would help, then found a AUD$9 USB fan. I'm not sure it'll do me much good but it's cheap.

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