Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

life update

Still in the LA area, looking for software jobs (not necessarily in LA.) Found a cheap medium-term place, figured I should park and not spend money and attention on traveling. And that was before PLAGUE. Though now I wonder if I should flee to Taiwan, which apparently controls it better...

Been going to trivia nights with a friend, and contributing, though last week other people were sick and these week I opted to minimize human contact. Coincidentally they came in 5th instead of 1st. :p

Reading... I re-read some long Byerly Vorrutyer fanfics, some shorter Doctor Who fics, a bunch of Liaden short stories (some new to me), Jonathan Strange. I read (well, skimmed fast) The Fall of Gondolin and Walkable City and SPQR

Been watching anime. Of the current season, Eizouken is very good, Somali and the Forest Spirit is sweet and beautiful but foreboding, Magia Record is just weird and confusing so far (and pretty), and Railgun T is 3 weeks behind due to virus.

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