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pastrami and gyoza

My local market sells commercial packets of pastrami and roast beef, $9/14 oz. Compared to the kielbasa at $2.50 for 14 oz, expensive. But I can make a sizable pastrami sandwich for like $3, compared to $9 at the downtown lunch places in Boston. And I can't tell much difference between this pastrami heated up and "real" pastrami.

The beef OTOH is grayish-brown, not reddish. May actually taste better chilled from the fridge rather than microwaved.

One thing I've bemoaned about Highland Park life is the lack of Asian options. Not a lot to walk to, not much in the stores. OTOH I finally, finally, found in the freezer a big pack of chicken and vegetable gyoza. There's no choice, it's the only one, but it's there. Yay! Also a box of egg rolls.

The gyoza comes with sauce packets, though fewer than I expected. Tonight I made my own: soy sauce, sriracha, canola oil, balsamic vinegar, Sichuan papper. Oooh, I forgot to add ginger powder. Still tasted pretty good.

Pork has been cheap at the market. Last trip it was super cheap: pork steak or something, I forget the cut, for $0.99 cents a pound. That's scary cheap. I found a packet dated for the 16th rather than the 13th, but still, it was starting to smell a bit whiffy yesterday, on the second batch, and really off today, when I tossed the remaining half. Was still a decent deal at that price... :O The fridge has been having trouble, whether inherent or because the A/C was off and the kitchen was hitting 85 F, so I don't know if the pork was already on the edge of going or if it got pushed over by sitting at 50 F for a day or something. See the comment count unavailable DW comments at https://mindstalk.dreamwidth.org/565389.html#comments



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    I use Yardley's English Lavender soap, and a bar lasts a good long while.
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    The block south of me is the 400s, whereas mine has addresses like 17-11.

    Ah, gobbled up in the rift, no doubt.
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    The most systematic way I have is working through a tutorial for the language.

    A couple years ago I'd been working on what I called Language Reference Suites, which were big blobs of code doing…
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    No, but my roommates had a cat that would stalk and attack me.
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    Do you have some systematic way of learning a new coding language, or characterizing it for reference as you learn it?
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