Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Ktown update

Had to change Airbnbs. You know you're in Koreatown when there are 3 H-Marts in walking distance. Nice to be on a proper grid again. I've had takeout twice, Yoshinoya and some Vietnamese food. My host is perfect but the physical house is not. Also the microwave is weak, whereas the old one was superpowered. I'm a bit further from the train station, not that I'm taking the trains. I had deja vu on a walk, running into Hotel Normandie where I was put up for a job interview 4 years ago. Current job goes well.

I've done a lot of interesting reading but that's for another post. See the comment count unavailable DW comments at https://mindstalk.dreamwidth.org/571309.html#comments
Tags: life, los angeles, me

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