Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

sample walkable neighborhood densities

Followup to my old urban densities. All numbers from city-data unless otherwise noted. Units are people per square kilometer. I believe walkability starts being practical around 6000/km2, though that also depends on people actually opening businesses.

Neighborhoods are selected mostly because I've personally experienced them, with a few exceptions.

Albany Park Chicago, 9186
Logan Square Chicago, 8944

Castro SF, 9914
Central Richmond SF, 11867
Chinatown SF, 19657
Chinatown SF, 29,000 (lost source)
Chinatown SF, 100,000 (wikipedia math)
Inner Richmond SF, 12351
Mission SF, 11610
Nob Hill, 22631
Outer Richmond SF, 6272
Outer Sunset SF, 6050
Telegraph Hill SF, 15474
Tenderloin, 16340

Agassiz (south of Porter Square) Cambridge, 6770
Riverside Cambridge, 13601 (not that good an area)
North Cambridge, 6396

Davis Square Somerville 18757 (but 4000 people)
Powderhouse Somerville, 10422 (not that good an area)

Georgetown DC, 4031 (that's it???)

Waterfront/North End Boston, 13164
Chinatown Boston 15090
North End Boston, 10688 (wikipedia)

Paris 11th arrondisement, 41,000 (wikipedia?)

Greenwich Village, 29539
Chinatown NYC, 34749
Upper West Side NYC 42,000
Harlem, 32670

Fishtown Philly 9887 See the comment count unavailable DW comments at https://mindstalk.dreamwidth.org/581132.html#comments
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