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The Week Since

Day 0: call funeral, lawyer; e-mail family friends; go out for Ethiopian food, eat blah Indian buffet instead.

Day 1: hide from thunderstorms. Call Social Security successfully, discover DSL crapping out and static on the phone. Call AT&T. Get annoyed by automated phone systems at SS and AT&T. Received lots of calls. Last one had me going "now what?!" but it turned out to be Sarah-from-college. Bliss. Lots of reading online, like Carl Zimmer on bacterial models of evolution, Krugman on poor American height relative to Europe (health care or breastfeeding?)

Day 2: more hiding from thunderstorms. RPGnet idea of teleoperated insect or crustacean shells for a small-game safari experience. Watched Serial Experiment Lain, and Tezuka's Metropolis. Game idea of classical world with immortal rulers.

Day 3: Call from my other half-sister. News items: reversing autism in mice, Bush resisting subpoenas, eggs stimulated to make embryo cells (?) air taxis, Mass. health insurance mandate kicking in, and leading Dem candidates supporting epicycles, not Medicare for all. Scattered crushed sunflower seeds in the back yard, which later led to an festival of small birds and squabbling squirrels picking through them. Finally left the house, for Chinatown. Too late for dim sum, and had cheap food which tasted like it, but took over 100 photos of architecture, plus one of a Belarussian girl on the train platform. Getting slightly bolder at asking if I can take photos.

Day 4: Met girl from grammar school I haven't seen since, er, grammar school; nice talk. Yes, there are people who were raised with Esperanto; also ones over 30 who have never bothered to learn to drive. Wandered around, hit a bookstore and got a cheap book on probability (non-technical), nothing much in a comic store, ate Ethiopian food, took half home. Ashes and death certificates came.

Day 5 (tomorrow): Bloomington! Brief game of "Fetch the Orphan".



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Jul. 1st, 2007 12:44 pm (UTC)
Krugman on poor American height relative to Europe (health care or breastfeeding?)

Ethnic diversity maybe? Mexicans tend to be shorter. Not that I want to give the anti-immigration faction any ammo ( can hear it now: "illegal immigration is ruining our chance of Olympic gold in basketball!").
Jul. 1st, 2007 05:44 pm (UTC)
No, I think the study looked at Americans of northern European extraction.
with main article and lots and lots of related links.
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