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I eat babies!

My mother was into lamb, among other meats; I used to think it tended to be too greasy. But I've gotten the idea that it has a better chance of being grass fed than commercial beef, so have been trying it some more. Tasty. Helps that the local store *has* lots of lamb, unlike Kroger at home (which lacks a meat counter, too.) ... another local store has a truly impressive array of jams, many imported -- I've been enjoying some Marco Polo raspberry which seems to have sugar crystals at the bottom -- but no peanut butter other than Skippy. Lettuce is under a dollar a bunch. Red bell peppers are $1.49/pound.

Got a bunch of paperwork done today, bills and stopping payments and sending inheritance money.

I just watched "Howl's Moving Castle". My first thought: she has a nose! I'm used to Miyazaki heroines having round faces and almost no nose, but Sophie was oval and nosy. Soon to become even nosier. Good film, but I have a feeling a bunch of additions and subtractions were made via the book, and a scene which went "Everyone out!" *house falls down* "Everyone back inside!" confused me.

Empathy in mice

Texas Board of Education to be headed by Creationist (from James.)

From Facebook:
"Why did you stop believing in Santa? Because you found alternative explanations to the phenomenon of presents appearing on Christmas morning, explanations that were more provable and did not require a supernatural character. Same can be said about God." -- Claudio D'Amato

I was thinking that practical languages to me to learn would be French (opens access to two nice countries to live in) and Chinese (I for one welcome...) Maybe Japanese for the tech, plus leveraging the fscking kanji/characters, though of course there's a big cultural draw. Spanish? Italian? Not sending the same "I want to live there" signals. I get the impression the Dutch and Swedish all speak English anyway, so those languages can be put off until an actual emigration. Plus, you know, relative literature sizes.

30 July New Yorker has had a bunch of interesting articles: an apostate Israeli Speaker; prosthetics; head of Death Row in California; debunking the pacifist bonobo.



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Jul. 26th, 2007 06:00 am (UTC)
Oh I love lamb. I wish it was cheaper - I would eat it all of the time.

I thought Howl's Moving Castle was great, but not as great as Spirited Away.

Languages: I've decided I don't really like Japanese, which is why I haven't been that motivated to get fluent despite living here. If you are interested in characters then I suggest studying through Chinese. They make a lot more sense. After studying Chinese so long and then coming to Japanese, I have to admit that the ill fitting use of Chinese characters drives me batty.

Chinese, French, and Spanish sound good to me. I think those are at the top of my list too.
Jul. 26th, 2007 01:03 pm (UTC)
You don't eat babies! Remember, here in the U.S. mutton can be sold as "lamb". You're probably eating very stately adult sheep!
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