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Rich and Strange Aeons

Musings of a Polymath

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Damien Sullivan
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  • Dam Raph Sul
A wannabe polymath, planetary science major, software engineer, and ex-computer/cognitive science grad student, now in Boston, from Chicago via California and Indiana, with a nest of webpages and a long Usenet history.

Anyone can feel free to add me to their friends list, which I tend to view as a subscription list. I tend to be cautious of adding people to my list now, wanting to keep the page useful, rather than flooded with updates; if you're interesting but prolific and I don't personally know you I'm likely to store your link on my blogs page and check in when I feel like it.

Anonymous posting is allowed but screened; such comments won't be visible until I approve them. I prefer this to letting spammers think they got even a few minutes of exposure. I'd appreciate it if anonymous posters or new but unfamiliar 'friends' could indicate who they are (if they just haven't bothered to get an LJ account) or at least how they found the entry they're commenting on (if they want to stay really anonymous, or if the answer would be "no one you know" anyway.) That applies more to people who pop up on random entries; the ones connected to my web pages I can assume came in through there.

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